Sunday, March 05, 2006

Velma's Fiber Dowery

Here's a peek at the dowery Velma. Hope you enjoy... pompoms threaded on sparkly fun fur, fuzzy soft pink eyelash yarn, fabric by Kaffe, threaded sequins, tule, snippets of Fiesta Yarn's Flirt, angelina magenta flash, roving and a big fat drumcarded batt.


  1. i am so jealous! my computer is acting funny, so if i don't respond...

    anyway, my husband and i are going to maryland sheep and wool and staying at the hotel where ang booked rooms...we come in on friday i think...weeeee!

    your yarns look great!

  2. Thanks Natasha. I can't wait to meet everyone. I plan to get there on Friday too. The festival doesn't open until Saturday so we'll have to get together and party Friday night!

    P.S. Lets swap some fiber love... If you're intrested. Can't wait to get Velma's package. FUN!!!!

  3. velma b.9:01 AM

    ladies (i use that term in the loosest possible way; oooh, another pun!), *I* am the jealous one. i want so much to go to the festival and be a part of the funs, but my graduate program commencement is the following week, so finals then family w/ no break for fiber. maybe i'll save up the b-u-tee-full fiber from e., and spin it up while you all are in maryland. for solidarity, and all.

    e, your package went out friday. it snowed in arcata saturday. i'll post a picture later. cheers, velma