Monday, March 13, 2006

Identity Crisis in the Making

Without trying to be vain or anthing, here's a mugshot of me. For anyone heading to the Maryland Fiber Festival in May, I'm planning on being there- though I can't promise I'll look anything like I do in the photo- I plan to get my hair chopped soon. I'm itching to sneak in some funky color and give my hair an over-all attitude adjustment. It'll grow out, right? So what color should I go for??? Red, orange, purple, pink, magenta????? I'm leaning towards red, but am certainly open to suggestions. Anyone?


  1. Pink definitely or maybe turquoise, that always looks good against dark hair, can't wait to see what you decide

  2. I swear, everytime I go back and read my posts, I have a moment of blogger's remorse- like sticking up my picture for one. I feel like a complete dork- and then rambling on about vanity and chopping my hair and wanting to dye it with extreame colors.... which I do...?

    Pink sounds nice- and safe, very feminine... but turquoise, now that sounds very intresting! Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to stew on this one for awhile. I'm gonna give myself until Fiber Fest to make up my mind. See if I'm really punk or just a poser! LOL!

  3. Hm, yes, turqoise sounds great! Wish I still had the age to such a thing. I would choose bright green for myself, I think.

  4. Ruth Roberts5:23 PM

    I've already been there with you honey. You know I won't have any suggestions. LMAO Love Mom

  5. Elizabeth, the thing about hair is that it grows back! It is a safe way to give yourself an attitude adjustment that is safe and legal and won't hurt anyone! Last summer I dyed my hair Autumn in New England, right before my big sales trip for Curious Creek. No one said boo to me about it being ugly, they thought it was cool that I'd matched my head to my yarns so that I would be completely color coordinated!

    The problem with blue/teal, is that it washes out daily. You would need to have your own pot of hair dye to do it every few days or so to keep it bright. I loved the electric blue for the first three days and then it started to fade. Some brands of dye are better than others, but since I had my hair dresser do it for me, I don't know how to advise you on that.

    My brother had a hard time taking me seriously for a while, but he's so serious it was good to shake his cage up a little bit!

    Go for it. If you don't like it, it won't be long until you can do something else with it! Go extreme, you can go red to cover up if you don't like the extreme color!

    Have a great time!

  6. my hairdresser is a pro at using the crazy colors. maybe you will leave here looking a bit different!